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Town of Portland
Annual Report
Important Town Information

Monthly Town Board meetings are typically held on the third Thursday of each month at the Portland Town Hall. Anyone desiring to have an item placed on the agenda for a particular meeting must contact Town Chairperson Walter Schoenherr (920-478-3418) or Town Clerk Nancy Thompson (920-478-3724) no later than the second Thursday of that month.

Notices of meetings (including meeting agenda) are posted at the following locations:
Corner of Port Road and Highway BB
Portland Town Hall – W 11720 Taylor Street
Town Recycling Site – Witt Lane

In addition, notices of meetings are also generally posted on the Town website and published in the Courier, as well as included in the Municipality Meeting section of the Watertown Daily Times on the Saturday preceding the meeting.


Anyone requesting that a Special Town Meeting or Public Hearing be held must pay the following fee before the meeting or hearing will be scheduled.

Special Town Board Meeting $250.00
Town Plan Commission or Board of Appeals Meeting $350.00


Elections are conducted at the Portland Town Hall located at W 11720 Taylor Street. All electors must have completed a voter registration application and provided proof of residence before voting. In addition, every voter must state his/her name and address at the polls on every election day and sign his/her name on one of the poll lists before being given a ballot. Town residents are encouraged to contact Town Clerk Nancy Thompson (920-478-3724), the Government Accountability Board website (http://gab.wi.gov), or the G.A.B. Help Desk (608-261-2028) for more information.


Anyone purchasing or selling property in the Town should contact Town Chairperson Walter Schoenherr (920-478-3418 or 920-253-8418) for information about the zoning regulations that affect the property.
The Town’s Zoning Ordinance was last updated in 2011. Any person desiring a copy of that updated ordinance can purchase one from Town Clerk Nancy Thompson.


Prior to beginning construction of any one or two-family residence or moving any mobile/manufactured home or other residential dwelling onto a Town site, an individual must secure a building permit from General Engineering Company (608-742-2169). Follow-up inspection by General Engineering personnel is also required. If a driveway also needs to be put in, that driveway must be completed and approved before the associated building permit will be issued. (See below regarding driveway permits.)

A building permit must also be obtained by any individual prior to beginning any other new construction or remodeling project. That permit (which currently costs $100.00) can be obtained from Richard Yelk (920-927-3627 or 920-988-0855).

Anyone who fails to secure required building and/or driveway permit(s) prior to beginning any work is subject to a Town fine.

In addition, please note that since February 1, 2011, state law requires installation of a carbon monoxide detector on every level of one’s home.


Before installing a driveway into one’s property, a permit (which currently costs $100.00) must be obtained from Richard Yelk (920-927-3627 or 920-988-0855).


Due to increased liability, Town roadway easements will be enforced. Crops kept less than thirty-three (33) feet back from the centerline of the road will be cut.


Any person wishing to burn any leaves, grass, brush, clean wood, or other vegetative debris must secure a burning permit from a Town Board member and then call the Dodge County Dispatcher (920-386-3726) before lighting the fire. There is no fee for that burning permit.

Anyone wanting to install an outdoor wood-fired furnace must obtain a permit (which currently costs $100.00) from Richard Yelk (920-927-3627 or 920-988-0855) prior to ordering the furnace. The Board will designate the location for the furnace, with that location being at least 125 feet from the nearest building not on the applicant’s property.


All dogs (including house dogs) five (5) months of age or older must be licensed. Information on current licensing fees and required application forms can be obtained from Town Treasurer Carleen Benninger (920-927-5244). A current rabies certificate for each dog must also be presented to her prior to her issuance of any license.
Households with more than four (4) dogs must hold a kennel license. To obtain that license, an individual must provide current rabies certificates for all the dogs, along with a $50.00 kennel license fee, to Benninger. She will then present the license request to the Town Board for its approval.


The Town Board recently voted to have the Fond du Lac Humane Society provide needed Town of Portland stray dog services only. Town residents must secure permission from a Town Board member prior to asking the Fond du lac Humane Society to pick up any dog(s). Without such prior authorization, the Humane Society will not accept the animal(s).


The Town recycling site, located on Witt Lane, is for the use of Town of Portland residents only and is open from 9:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M. each Saturday.

A listing of the items that will be accepted at the site, as well as those items that will not be accepted, along with the associated fees was included with this year’s tax bills. That listing is also posted at the recycling site and is available by request from Town Clerk Nancy Thompson (478-3724).

Current costs for permitted non-recyclable materials are as follows:
$ 1.00 per 15-gallon trash bag
$ 2.00 per 30-gallon trash bag
$ 4.00 per 55-gallon trash bag/barrel
$15.00 per level pickup load of loose materials
$30.00 per full pickup load of loose materials

Current fees for the disposal of other selected items are as follows:
Tires (depending on size and type): $ 2.00 - $60.00 each
An appliance containing Freon: $ 30.00 each
An appliance without Freon: $ 5.00 each

A clean dumping area is provided for stones, cement blocks, bricks, and other similar items approved in advance by the site attendant. A “clean burn pit” for burning raw wood and brush is also available.

Please be advised that state law bans placement of oil filters in the ground. Oil filters may be brought to the recycling center but are not to be commingled with anything
else. The center attendant will dispose of them.

PLEASE NOTE: All Town fees identified on Pages l-3 are subject to change at any time deemed appropriate by the Town Board. Similarly, additional fees may be instituted as needed.

For the Complete 2012 Annual Report, please go to the Municipal Notices Page.

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