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WCATV Gallery
Director`s Choice Photos
This is the Director's special place to feature digital art of local or regional artists. Selections are made solely at the Director's discretion.     Use the scrollbar at right side of page to see all the pictures in the whole gallery. They will change regularly, so check back often!
These images were chosen from the digital art of R. Virgil Ellis, lifelong resident of Jefferson Co., nationally renowned poet and Associate Editor of "Rosebud". Most recent publication is "Tenting Cantos", 9/01/09. To submit digital art for consideration:e-mail .jpg to wloocatv@waterloowi.us. Filesizes must be under 2MB. Images must be family-friendly.

A Microphone In Your Car
R. Virgil Ellis

Default Mandelbrot
R. Virgil Ellis

Derridada 1
R. Virgil Ellis

Golgonooza 1
R. Virgil Ellis

Mandelbrot Test 1137
R. Virgil Ellis

Mandelbrot Test 1210
R. Virgil Ellis

Mandelbrot Test 1245
R. Virgil Ellis

Mandelbrot Test 808
R. Virgil Ellis

Mandelbrot Test101306x
R. Virgil Ellis

Mandelbrot Test101306z
R. Virgil Ellis

Masked Julia
R. Virgil Ellis

Neato Mandelbrot
R. Virgil Ellis

Newton World
R. Virgil Ellis

Ptah Working (from Pot Rising)
R. Virgil Ellis

Ptah's Sun (from Pot Rising)
R. Virgil Ellis

R. Virgil Ellis

Shaman 1
R. Virgil Ellis

Tenting Cantos
R. Virgil Ellis
136 N. Monroe Street Waterloo, WI 53594
email: wloocatv@waterloowis.com *phone: 920.478.3025 ext. 106
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