Waterloo Wisconsin Mayoral Debate 


  • Democracy Now  DN 

A daily, global, independent news hour anchored by award-winning journalists Amy Goodmand and Juan Gonzalez.  Daily headlines and in-depth discussions from a rich diversity of perspectives rarely hear from in mainstream media, Guests include international journalists, scholars, respected scientists, authors, analysts, filmmakers and ordinary people who are most affected by the news events. This program airs twice every day Monday- Friday at 4PM and 10PM on WLOO CATV channel 992. 


  • Press Release 

A local program produced by WLOO CATV in Waterloo, WI where we interview community members. This program is hosted by Diane Graff, editor of The Courier, a local newspaper of Waterloo, Wisconsin.  The program airs every Saturday at 6PM on WLOO CATV channel 992. 


  • Gardening Rhythms

A comprehensive urban gardening show for any skill level gardener. This program covers many organic gardening techniques, featuring local gardens and landscape experts. Gardening Rhythms airs on WLOO CATV channel 992 on Mondays at 6:30PM, Wednesdays at 3PM, Thursdays at 5PM, and Saturdays at 4PM. 


  • Delaware Valley Outdoors

A program that highlights the best fishing in the tri-state area. Host, Bob Murray, and guest take the viewers to both fresh and salt water destinations. Delaware Valley Outdoors airs on WLOO CATV channel 992 on Mondays at 7:30PM, Tuesdays at 6PM, Thursdays at 6:30PM, and Saturdays at 5PM. 


  • Nasa 360

A half-hour broadcast program prodcued by the National Institute of Aerospace for NASA. By examining how technologies developed by and for NASA are used in everything from space exploration to everyday consumer products, Nasa 360 showcases how NASA changes our lives in positive ways. Nasa 360 airs on Mondays at 8PM, Wednesdays at 8:30PM, and Saturdays at 3:30PM.


  • Disc Golf Live

A magazine-style program that covers all aspects of the popular sport of frisbee or "disc golf," including tournament coverage, player profiles, course tours, and throwing techniques. Disc Golf Live airs on WLOO CATV channel 992 on Tuesdays at 8:30PM, Saturdays at 12PM, and Sundays at 4PM. 


  • Science 360

Science 360 immerses viewers in the latest wonders of science, technology, engineering, and math. This program engages the general public, science junkies, and students alike in the cutting-edge discoveries and big science stories of the day. Sponsored by the National Science Foundation, Science 360 is an up-to-date view of breaking news in science from around the world. Science 360 airs on WLOO CATV channel 992 on Tuesdays at 5PM, Fridays at 6:30PM, Saturdays at 5:30PM, and Sundays at 3PM.