What do I do if there is a serious barking problem in my neighborhood?

  1. Talk to your neighbor.
    If possible, approach your neighbor and tactfully discuss the problem with them. Many people do not realize that their dog barks when they are not home or that it disturbs their neighbors. Many dog owners react well to such friendly approaches and are able to find a solution.
  2. Contact the Police Department at 920.478.2343.
    If no results are achieved by your friendly visit or you choose not to make contact with the dog owner, call the Police Department. Be prepared to leave a message with your name, address and phone number as well as the address of the barking dog, its recent barking history, description of the dog and name of the owners if known. Many barking complaints are resolved after an Officer's initial visit.

When do I need to license my dog?
The owners of dogs five months of age or older are required to obtain a license on or before March 31 of each year or within 30 days of acquiring ownership of a licensable dog.

Do I have to license my cat?
No. The City of Waterloo does not license cats.

A dog is running loose in my neighborhood, what should I do?
Contact the Waterloo Police Department at 920.478.2343.
If you have captured or enclosed the animal in some way, you may contact the Watertown Humane Society at 920.261.1270 between the hours of 12:00pm and 6:00pm Monday; between 12:00pm and 5:00pm Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday; and between 11:00am and 3:00pm Saturday.

How much is a dog license?

  • Unaltered male/female, $15 per year
  • Spayed/neutered, $11 per year
  • Additional fee (if licensed after March 31st), $10