Hello, and welcome to the Waterloo City Clerk/Treasurer's website. The Clerk/Treasurer’s Office is dedicated to representing democracy by ensuring the integrity of open government and the election process by enhancing open, fair, impartial, and trusted government. The office maintains all records, legal documents, official files, and legislative action of the city in addition to duties detailed in the Wisconsin State Statutes.  

Meet your Clerk/Treasurer's Office Staff

Mo Hansen

Mike Kawula
Deputy Clerk/Treasurer

Raynelle Butzine
Office Administrative Assistant

Other Responsibilities

Our office is responsible for the preparation of agendas, ordinances, resolutions, and proclamations for consideration and approval by the Common Council. Various licenses and permits fall under the realm of the City Clerk and are issued in accordance with state statutes and city ordinances. Our office is committed to fair and impartial administration of the election process accordance with federal law and state statutes and policy, while delivering election services that meet voter’s needs and delivered fairly, impartially, transparent and accurately.  The treasurer portion of the office can not be understated as we are responsible for managing a $2.5 million dollar budget.  Ensuring high quality of services while keeping property taxes as affordable as possible goes into daily decisions.   

The Clerk/Treasurer’s Office ensures the preparation of legal notices for publication and posting, and also recording and filing items with various state and county agencies. The office implements the Open Records Law, while providing information to the public and performing the duties required by Chapter 62.09, Section 11 of the Wisconsin State Statutes (except paragraphs d, g, and l).

History of the Municipal Clerk and Treasurer

The municipal clerk has a long and distinguished history as a public servant, and some of the first Clerks can be traced back to Colonial Times.  In fact, one of the original Clerks was the one hired by George Washington to administer his home at Mt. Vernon, Virginia.  The International Association of Municipal Clerks has an excellent summary of Clerk history that can be read here.

The role of the Treasurer isn't quite as detailed, at least historically, as the Clerk, but it's origins can be traced back to the Egyptians of biblical times where Pharaoes wanted to keep accurate tax records.  The Treasurer has many of the same responsibilities as it did centuries ago, but also some different ones as well.  Maintaining a balanced budget, collecting and tracking of property taxes, and keeping up to date on accounting law changes are just a few of the duties the Treasurer has.


To access the City of Waterloo searchable municipal code click here.  If you'd like to see the official municipal code, it is available in the Clerk/Treasurer's office during regular business hours, Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.