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JULY 4th Cancellation


To the Citizens of Waterloo,

I have been agonizing over the decision for the past few weeks to either keep on with our celebration for July 4th or to cancel. I want everyone to know, the decision did not come lightly. Growing up in Waterloo, I know how important this day is to not only the birth of our Nation, but important to all Waterloo citizens past and present. Since 1905, Waterloo Firemen's Park has been home to a July 4th Celebration, but we cannot ethically and morally go on with the celebration this year.

I have struggled with this decision and I want to share my thoughts with all of you:

As the only celebration around, I do believe that we will have one of our largest celebrations to date and with that the possibility of a large payout in the end for the Parks Department. I could not live with myself, the possibility of bringing thousands of individuals into our city that could possibly make hundreds sick. I could not do that to my fellow citizens, neighbors and family. We do not have the funding nor the capabilities to ensure that each person who entered the park or festivities to be "Covid" clear. I would not be able to live with myself or look someone in the eye if they were to get sick from this event.

We have been looking at other possibilities such as closing down Firemen's Park for the day and having an "aerial show" (show above 300"-600") for the citizens of Waterloo at night, but the lack of funding without recouping these funds just does not make that possible. Some have said to go out and get donations, but at this time we do not want to put any more financial burden on business or families in or around Waterloo.

This is something we can discuss and debate for many hours. We ask anyone wanting to discuss this to call the City of Waterloo Parks Department.  We have made a decision and we will still continue to move forward.  It was done with heavy hearts and saddens all of us.

We will be moving the fireworks to the Saturday of Wiener & Kraut weekend. We will be looking into filling other events for W&K weekend from July 4th as well.

We will still be moving forward with our June 18th outdoor concert. We are able to do this as with this smaller event, we can keep with certain guidelines and ensure the safety of our patrons. This is not a double standard, but an issue of "amount of attendees" to control.

We thank you for your continued support and understanding with this cancellation. Who hope to see all of you soon.

Gabe Haberkorn
City of Waterloo Parks Coordinator



Look for uates soon to this years Summer Concert Tour with dates and what bands will be playing at the historic Roundhouse Stage in 2020!


City of Waterloo Forestry

Our DPW & Parks cares for over 10,000 trees on our city streets and our park properties.  They prune trees to maintain healthy structure, remove trees that are dying or diseased, and plant new trees for future generations to enjoy.

If you have a concern about a tree in the street right of way (between the street and the sidewalk) or in a City park or City owned property, please contact us at 920-478-3025 or email at

If a tree is marked with an orange X, the tree is scheduled for removal.  If a tree is marked with a green X, the tree has been noted by the Forestry Department as having been infected with the Emerald Ash Borer, and is scheduled for removal.  

Emerald Ash Borer in Firemen's Park

Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) has been found in Firemen's Park and has sadly infected over 50 Ash Trees in Firemen's Park. EAB only affects the Ash Family of trees and only those infected and dying will be removed.  All trees have been thoroughly inspected to ensure the removal of a healthy tree does not occur. The Waterloo Parks Department does not believe in the removal of healthy trees and does not condone any such act.

For more information on EAB, please check out the following website:

As we remove trees, new trees will be planted over the next few years to replace the trees lost to the EAB.

Silent Auction, Sale of Tree Logs

The City of Waterloo - Parks Department will be conducting silent auctions for the sale of trees logs.  These are logs from trees which have been removed from our City parks or streets.

If you would like to be on a contact list for information on the next wood auction, please call our Parks Dept at 920-478-3025, or email your contact information to


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