Ways to Use the Facility

  1. Come out for a visit! Go snowshoeing through Garman Nature Preserve, practice cross-country skiing around the grounds, relax in the Warming Room for a lunch break, & take advantage of FREE wi-fi
  2. Explore the tranquil trails that connect to 22 Native American burial mounds and meander through acres of pristine woodlands in Garman Nature Preserve
  3. Gather with family and friends to celebrate an event in the Warming Room and sheltered patio
  4. Pedal with a fleet of bicyclists as you explore the glacial area in one of Waterloo’s many bicycle events
  5. Consider volunteering to help with upcoming events, community projects, etc.
  6. LIKE the Waterloo Regional Trailhead on Facebook to find out about upcoming events & programs

Local Business Owners:

  1. Hold meetings, workshops, & networking events at the trailhead
  2. Invite the public to come out and try a new product or service that you’re providing
  3. Hold professional development & team-building opportunities for your employees at the trailhead
  4. Take advantage of the broad audience the WRT has. FREE marketing opportunities are available to local businesses – All you have to do is submit fliers or brochures about your business, upcoming sales, and events.


  1. Contact City Hall to plan field trips out at the trailhead
  2. Coordinate after-school programs and summer programs
  3. Use the facility as a meeting place for extracurricular groups, Scout troops, etc.
  4. Encourage your students to volunteer their skills for trailhead events