Important Assessment Dates

Property Assessment Calendar

  • Open Book:  September 28th 10:00am to 5:00pm
  • Board of Review: October 20th 5:00pm to 8:00pm

DECEMBER: Tax bills mailed. Taxes are calculated based upon the prior January 1 assessment.

JANUARY 1: The assessment date for the current year assessment. All property is assessed as it exists on this date. Changes occurring after this date are reflected in the next year’s assessment.

JANUARY 31: Due date for full payment of the previous year’s tax bill or if paying in installments, due date for first tax installment payment of the previous year’s tax bill.

MARCH 1: Last day to file current year personal property returns. Last day to file property tax exemption for the current year.

APRIL 1: First day the assessment roll is available for inspection. The term “Open Book” refers to specific dates the book is available as required by law. Generally in Waterloo the documents are readily available upon request.

SPRING OF EACH YEAR: A Board of Review meeting is typically held in the spring of each year. The date of the Board of Review meeting is the deadline for property owners to file assessment objections. Property owners can file an objection form with the Clerk/Treasurer’s office in advance of the Board of Review meeting.

JULY 31 OF EACH YEAR: Due date for 2nd tax installment payment for previous year taxes. This payment is to be directed to the County Treasurer’s office:

Jefferson County Treasurer’s Office
320 South Main Street #107
Jefferson, Wisconsin 53549-1718
Telephone: 920-674-7250

DECEMBER OF EACH YEAR: Tax bills mailed.