Building Permits

Building Permit Application

Fillable Building Permit Application

When do I need a Permit?

  1. New Homes
  2. Additions
  3. Decks
  4. Remodeling
  5. Sheds
  6. Fences
  7. Pools
  8. Business Signs

When don't I need a Permit?

  1. Re-roofing
  2. Siding a structure
  3. Replacing windows with new of the same size

What if I don't get a Permit?

City Ordinances and State Statutes require building permits. If you do not get a building permit when it is required, the City can legally fine you for every day the work is not in compliance. The permit and accompanying inspections are to ensure you that the work is “up to code” and safe. Projects not done according to code can affect your home’s insurability and potential sale. Prospective buyers can check the City’s building records.

During the construction of your project, on-site inspections will be conducted to ensure that approved materials are properly used and the work is done to code requirements. Any work or materials that are not up to code will need to be corrected and be re-inspected. The inspections are for the owners and/or occupant’s health and safety, as well as protecting your investment.

What do I need to submit as part of my building permit application?

For All Permits: 

Complete a Uniform Building Permit Application including DWG contract certificate number and DWG contract qualification number.

New Single Family Or Two Family Homes:
  1. Two sets of complete plans including wall sections and elevation views.
  2. Two sets of a Plat of Survey including all setbacks, 1st floor elevation and land elevations.
Additions and Decks:
  1. Two sets of complete plans including wall sections and elevation views. And for decks, please include joist and post information and layout.
  2. Two sets of site plans drawn to scale including the proposed addition or deck. Show all setbacks to the property lines.

Two sets of complete plans including a scaled drawing of area being remodeled or altered.

Sheds or Detached Garages:
  1. Two sets of complete plans including garage wall sections and including elevation views.
  2. Two sets of site plans showing the location of the proposed building and showing the setbacks from the property line.
Fences and Pools:

Provide scaled site plan showing location of pool or fence on property with setbacks from property line. Show fence elevation views.

Creating a Site Plan?

A site plan is a drawing used to make property improvements. It is used to verify that development codes are being met and as a historical resource. You may create a site plan starting from one of several sources:

- Hand-drawn in a clear manner (see examples below).
- You may have a certified survey map as part of your property ownership records. You may reproduce it and use it as the drawing starting point.
- The Jefferson County GIS mapping tool is available :  Using the online tool may afford you the opportunity of overlaying an aerial photo showing the foot-print of existing buildings.
- The Clerk/Treasurer's office may provide printed pages from its paper maps made available from Jefferson County and its GIS tool. 

Example Site Plans
site plan example 1

Site Plan Example 3

Site plan Example 2